Student Performances

Yellow Level (Level 1) – Students at The Piano Express start making music right away! Our students are able to play a handful of songs within the first few weeks. Our entry level focuses on keeping a steady beat, studying the landscape of the keyboard, learning alphabet letters of the white keys, and mastering finger-numbers.

Purple Level (Level 2) – After the students build a foundation of musicality in Level 1, it is time to start learning to read on the Grand Staff in Level 2. This level is an introduction to traditional note-reading. We keep the songs rather simple, so the students can take their first steps in learning a new language – the language of music! Along the way, they will pick up dozens of fun-to-play songs, like this one!

Level 3 (Red Level) – After the basics of note-reading are introduced in Level 2, it is time to start getting fancy in Level 3! Students are introduced to hands-together playing with a focus on chords, parallel motion and contrary motion.

Level 4 (Blue Level) – In this level, students are introduced to slightly more complex rhythm patterns, hand positions, and finger patterns. This book is full of familiar songs that students will instantly recognize, as well as many authentic classics. This video features a song composed by Carl Czerny nearly 200 years ago!

Level 5 (Silver Level) – Students are ready (at last) to expand melodies to a full-octave range, necessitating the mastery of full-octave scales. This is also where students become familiar with traditional primary chords. Our method does not teach scales in an abstract meaningless way. Scales (full-octave melodies) are integrated into the songs so students see their importance (and application) from the very start – this performance is a great example.

Level Six (Gold Level) – Now that students are familiar with primary chords, it is time to start putting the chords into patterns (broken, waltz-pattern, and Alberti-bass pattern). Suddenly, songs have a more detailed and sophisticated sound. This level is also the perfect stepping-stone into intermediate repertoire. Many of our “Gold Level Graduates” seamlessly transition to successful standardized testing through RCM and MTNA events.

Beyond the Gold Level…

Here are some amazing performances from students who have completed our Gold Level.

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