How to Help Students Love and Learn the Piano

We help children learn piano by turning music into a game.

The Piano Express has a one-of-a-kind program that no other studio in the world uses.


Each week, children come in and play their songs on our Roland pianos. The piano plays along with each student – it provides an exciting musical accompaniment!

When a child has finished playing, the piano shows a score for the performance on the student’s personal screen.

Just like a video game, kids have to get a certain score to “pass their level.”

Our teachers help each student learn each song.

Kids love to learn piano in this way! It is less stressful, more fun, and feels like playing a game.

This is much different than the way we learned piano many years ago.

The best part?

Our students are getting through the beginner levels of piano much faster than in traditional lessons.

We have removed so many of the barriers that kids experience when learning piano.

Instead of feeling like more homework, we have turned music into a fun game that kids can enjoy!

Our curriculum is high-quality, effective, and fun… an amazing combination!

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